Graceful reintroduction of mankind into his environment

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The last weeks/months have been a blur. We’ve been absorbed with working in the garden, but, with frost and cold temperatures (to us), more time is now available for guests, cooking, nature-watching and riding!  

Our place is open to many cyclists, as we are trailside, and, can provide a great rest stop and refueling area. 

biking group rests on lawn
Refueling and resting before the journey continues…
The green lawn has browned, days have shortened, the last shuttles have been run on CDO and we’ve started riding at night, again. 

CDO (Cañada del Oro) is an excellent ride from the top of Mt. Lemmon down to the back door! We shuttle to the top, then ride trails 23 miles to the house. The last run was a ’50/50′ meaning starting midday and finsihing with lights after sundown. Running singletrack in remote areas in the dark is it’s own kind of cool. 

Ready to go up the mountain!
Before the group split in two…
Dropping into CDO
Dropping into CDO with our little group.

We cycled all of the lights to make sure they were at their maximum capacity. 

Cycling batteries and reading inspirational messages…

  This year, MaryEllen and I are running Light & Motion Seca Lights. The 2000 Enduro is our primary choice! 

Impressive run times…private ‘testing’ shows they run much longer than minimum stated!


First ride, still warm enough for a Western Diamond-backed Rattlesnake

Not to be forgotten, we had a lot of B&B people and made some nice food for them. For that, we received an excellent review!

“WOW is an apt name for this place because you will be wowed by the desert oasis CJ and MaryEllen have created. An incredible variety of birds and plants and animals! While resting on one of the paths, we were treated to a family of Javelina who showed up looking for food. There are lots of patio chairs where you can sit and just watch birds (69 feeders and lots of hummingbirds) or you can hike or bike. The accommodations are very clean and comfortable and the hosts are so friendly and generous. They treated us to some of their yummy homemade wine and breakfast was fantastic. Highly recommended!”


Taste the rainbow…

more blueberry than muffin!
pretty and good for you
Visit, look at the creatures, share some food and fun!

Graceful reintroduction of mankind into his environment