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Private Groups/ 2nd T.A.S. Visit!

Quite the busy week, with private groups on Sunday and Tuesday. Great guests from Madison Wisconsin Audubon Society. thanks to Jim and his friends for visiting.

On October 1, we were fortunate to have another enthusiastic group of guests from Tucson Audubon Society, led by guides Bob & Prudy Bowers. 2014-08-12-(1)

Many more species of birds were seen in comparison to the vist of just a few days past. Here’s Bob’s synopsis of the visit:
“We had another nice group of folks join us this morning for an outing at Wild Outdoor World in Catalina.  The aggressive Cooper’s Hawk from last Saturday’s trip was occupied elsewhere, so more birds were documented today.  Highlights included Northern Rough-winged Swallows, Green-tailed Towhees, both Orange-crowned and Lucy’s Warblers and the usual crowd of hummingbirds (Costa’s, Broad-billed, Anna’s, Black-chinned and a couple of Rufous, including an immature and apparently unwell male being attacked repetitively by a male Black-chinned).  A full checklist of today’s birds and some photos are included below.

If you are interested in arranging a personal visit to WOWAZ for yourself/family/friends, Christopher encourages you to email him at   Note that his 3-acre site is off Edwin Road east of Lago del Oro, near the Canada del Oro Wash, and that Christopher will provide you with directions.  Access is through a locked gate, so pre-visit arrangements need to be made.

In other news, our first White-crowned Sparrow showed up today (October 1), a day later than the first one reported in SaddleBrooke by Jim and Becky Wolf.  Our pair of Hooded Orioles are still here as well, maybe reluctant to leave with such beautiful fall weather (the humidity and the official monsoon (July-September) both ended the same day).

More field trips will be announced soon.

Good Birding!

Bob and Prudy “

The Lower Hummingbird patio was a hub of activity.2014-09-27

From there, guests were taken around the paths to the various zones.2014-08-12-(2)

Another great day, sharing the wildlife, butterflies, flowers and of course, the birds of WOW Arizona! Thanks for visiting!

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