Graceful reintroduction of mankind into his environment

Take a stroll…

Walk our pathways…

The Oasis preserve brings life throughout the year. Butterfly and hummingbird gardens, bird feeding stations, natural meadows and little ponds, with the Santa Catalina Mountains as the omnipresent backdrop, makes us caution about visual over-stimulation. As a guest you’ll have free access to our gardens and guide books. Our resident naturalists’ enthusiasm for the environment will have you exploring within minutes of arrival…

Adventure is just beginning at WOW Arizona! If you desire to see more than what our grounds offer, we are 'doorstep' adjacent to miles of trails into and through the Santa Catalina Mountains. Hike or bike into the looming 'Sky Island' mountains, no car needed, guided hikes and rides available…we know our way around 'our backyard'!

Garden Color

Meadow Restoration


Allowing people to get a ‘full nature immersion’ evolved from like-minded people visiting to ride, hike and nature watch. After having too much fun, the days stretched into night and they were asking to just hang out somewhere. People would stay and we’d find envelopes with money & a note of thanks.

Relax, enjoy our modest place…

We are on a three acre private nature preserve, about twenty miles north of Tucson city limits, secluded in the hills of the Santa Catalina Mountains.  Besides our numerous on-site pathways, we access the mountains trail systems directly from our front door!

If you are visiting for the day as our personal guests, our sitting room affords beautiful mountain views and an inviting atmosphere. Relax, absorb the vibe…

Sink into spacious ‘couple accommodating’ chairs and watch as the hummingbirds dance outside the window. Relax with a book, play darts or billiards, enjoy our home, mi casa es su casa.

  • Daily wildlife viewing
  • Guide books available
  • Dish Network Satellite Service
  • Free Wi-Fi, covering house/grounds
  • Naturalist on-site

Sometimes we cook breakfast, sometimes we blend it…depends on what we are doing, Most mornings start with coffee or tea. along with a variety of juices. CJ likes to cook…our morning fare can include Homemade waffles, Eggs Benedict, MaryEllen's phenomenal homemade Quiche, homemade chorizo & egg breakfast burritos, muffins or homemade bread, yogurt, fresh cut fruits, oatmeal, hard-cooked eggs, and variety cereals…it varies by guest and whim! Dinners complimented with our own artisan wine can be happily arranged!

Pricing Structure: Everything goes to support the wildlife and maintaining the gardens and grounds. We work on a strictly cash basis. A single night's accommodation we ask minimum $115 donation (one/two guests) and includes a Continental + Breakfast. Donate $150 and we'll make a full, complete breakfast for you! Do the "FULL IMMERSION", includes ALL meals, daily mountain bike rides, hikes and on-site nature walks, $350 per person/per day. See the desert and mountains like a local! Rides/hikes can be easy or advanced trails, all at a casual fun and friendly "photo" pace.