Graceful reintroduction of mankind into his environment

For The Birds!

Summer SippageSaturday evening, July 9, will be our first small wine tasting.

We are going to be having a tasting to benefit the birds & wildlife. With the drastic drought, our place has been inundated with creatures, good and bad. The number and diversity of species is amazing for this time of year. We have a lot of birds that should be at higher elevations, but have stayed here and not left. Our bird food expenses are at $400 a month now!!! We will be doing a tasting, with a minimum donation (TBD) that will get several glasses of organic wine, appetizers and wildlife viewing. Additional donations, we would show our appreciation for your support by giving you a bottle of our fine wine.We are going to extend an invite to a large group, but due to parking limitations, restrict it to the first twenty or so that reserve. A lot of people will be leaving town, so we don’t expect many to be able to attend.

The lemon is finished and has just left me incredulous with the quality. There are two varieties of lemon, with distinctly different tastes and bouquets, but, equally delicious.

Eight different ‘de-vine’* flavors from which to choose.

Available, now, all organic fruit –

      Black Cherry
      Lemon – two different offerings

Summer Wines:

      Peach Pie (with clarified local honey & cinnamon)
    American Pie (apple/Asian pear with clarified local honey & cinnamon)

More details this week. We hope you are able to join us…

* de-vine – not from grapes

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Graceful reintroduction of mankind into his environment