Graceful reintroduction of mankind into his environment


Where to start…long absence from the blog DOES NOT imply long absence from activity. Wildlife continues to frequent our place, with birds nesting, fledging, migrating, lizards emerging…Wild Outdoor World of Arizona!

photo collageof wildlife
New prints for the walls

New prints to compliment the new walls and windows have been professionally printed. Unfortunately, we are going to have to re-order quite a few of these, as B&B guests quickly ‘snapped’ them up for their walls! Speaking of new, we have upgraded our ‘portals to the great outdoors’ and created a new winter/inclement weather ‘Wildlife Viewing Area’. Already a preferred place for sipping tea in the early morning or watching the sunset over Samaniego Ridge.

Sipping tea…
…and watching the sunset
 Our ‘Breakfast Nook’ has also been reconstructed, adding clear views of the feeders, inches from the window. The roadrunners now watch, through the full length door, for our bodies and starts the bill clacking for attention. The talents of one Mr.Art White are responsible for the reconstruction. Low e-transmission glass makes the outside seem inside, bringing the gardens and creatures ‘close enough to touch’.
View from ‘Tje Breakfast Nook

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