Graceful reintroduction of mankind into his environment


The pace of life around here is crazy. Our friends Art and Ellen have been coming to ride for years. Now, they made the plunge and got their own little slice of heaven in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains. Now, every time I ride up RollerCoaster, I glance over my left shoulder and grin. I can see their house from there!A&E's place over my left shoulder…


While they were here, we benefited not only from their excellent company but also from their strength and knowledge. Our great friends Pat & Pete Kollar gave WOW Arizona the gift of a wonderful fountain. Only drawback was the hundreds of pounds of weight. With Art & Ellen’s help (they are both incredibly strong) we were able to get it installed on the Upper Hummingbird Patio. The sounds have been drawing wildlife and the birds like to bathe.2014-09-24

The chiminea area has been moved, also. It allows for much greater number of birding guests on the Lower Hummingbird Patio. All this was done in preparation for an upcoming Tucson Audubon Society Free Field Trip to our headquarters.

Hillsides are covered with greenery and flowers. Some easy bike rides were had with the beautiful cloud-draped mountains lending a ‘Simpson-esque’ feel to things.2014-09-10_50The verdant landscape didn’t magically occur. we’ve had some serious rain in the area, giving the air a rare ‘soft’ feel.Storm crashing into the mountains


Awash with color, plants are exploding with blossoms of varying shapes and sizes. With that comes the creatures munching said plants. This White-lined Sphinx Moth Caterpillar ate every one of the pink Whirling Butterfly Flowers. They re-sprouted in less than a week. It is a shame people kill caterpillars and spray insecticide on plants so they ‘look good’. We think they look great when they are full of holes and an active part of the ecosystem.IMG_0994white-lined_cat

Less spraying MIGHT help prevent the extinction of the Monarch. Their numbers were dreadfully low this year.IMG_1074_monarchIMG_1073_monarch

Our website has experienced a complete redesign, weeks were spent in front of the monitors. Still an extensive amount of Flora & Fauna info to add, but, balance with being outside is critical to a great outlook on life.2014-09-195_desktopWhile I enjoy my learning of new skills on the computer and in the ‘server world’, it is much more preferred to be outside.

While on a break from slinging electrons and whilst sitting on the patio, a strange behavior never seen before was observed. We’ve been watching a wasp nest for years. Recently, an interloping species ‘partitioned’ some space from the daubers, much to their chagrin. They weren’t able to physically defend the nest and it seemed they had accepted the new neighbors. One of the daubers flew nto the nest and immediately emerged with a little object large enough to prevent flight. It crawled down the wood face of the nest area, across the patio to an old worn area and dropped the cargo. THEY WERE KILLING THE INTERLOPER’S LARVAE!IMG_0967_wasp_kill

We were also treated to a visit from Ms.Bobcat. She strolled by so closely that all I could get in the camera frame was her head.IMG_1086_felix


The last few weeks has been a blur. Some big activities approaching amd then some time out on the trails. Thanks for looking!


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