Bird our pathways…

Many seating areas for viewing
An eBird ‘hotspot’

Our Hummingbird Patios…

afford ‘arms-length’ views of many species.

Southwestern specialties

Rufous-winged Sparrows, Inca Doves and Harris’s Hawks are ‘regulars’ .

“WOW Arizona is an absolute hotspot for birding in southeast Arizona… birds and wildlife of all sorts put the site on par with any other destination birding location in the region.”

Jonathan Horst

Restoration Biologist, Tucson Audubon Society

“Sensory overload…”

Kenn Kaufman

Author, Kaufman Field Guides

We welcome visitors who want to bird the paths and verdant gardens of our three-acre oasis. Small private groups can usually be hosted with one day’s notice (and sometimes on the same day). ALL first time visitors are REQUIRED to have a quick walk  through our pathways prior to being allowed to roam freely. The walk ends on the Hummingbird Patios, where more than 25 feeders bring the birds within arm’s reach. A $10 donation per person is required to assist to fill 44 hummingbird feeders, 30 other mixed seed/suet feeders and help support our habitat work. Guided walks are available for $25 and last approximately 1.5 hours.

*Any* photography is $20 per camera. Tripods are an additional fee, may be restricted due to number of guests and must not block the view of others. Professionals looking for a ‘location shoot’ must make prior arrangements.

*ALWAYS* special consideration given to children and students!

Guests by appointment only! Call 520-907-8735 to arrange your visit.

eBird HotSpot species count

*ALL WILDLIFE PHOTOS* taken at our location!