Graceful reintroduction of mankind into his environment

WOW AZ Ride Center!

Cruise twisty singletrack in arid desert vegetation, through looming giant sagauros…Scramble over boulders and squeeze between cacti…Feel the presence of the stark mountains and wide desert valleys…Float over trails under a pine and oak canopy…We’ll show you some local hikes and rides!!! Join us for casual paced excursions in easy-to-difficult terrain. We stop to explore, check out the wildlife…NOT RacePace. The area offers hikes & rides for most abilities and levels. We’ve lived & ridden in the Catalina Mountains for years, join us for a ride. Loaners available for homestay guests or for those joining us on one of our forays into the foothills! We can fire up the grill post ride and enjoy views of the mountains and trails we’ve just experienced!!!!

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  1. […] After being dropped-off by the bus, we rode to the Chutes and settled for a snack when several cyclists showed up and shared their local trail knowledge. CJ, a skinny 55 year-old who lived nearby, was a veritable storehouse of information, not only about the trails, but also the geology and ecology of the area. Check out his website, WowArizona. […]

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Trails accessed from our doorstep

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50 Year Trail
The Chutes
Upper 50/High 50
Cherry Tank[/one_third]

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‘Round the Mountain
Baby Jesus
Gem Trail
CP Singletrack[/one_third]

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Shuttle to the top of Mt. Lemmon
CDO Trail/Charouleau Gap/Home
Samaniego Ridge/Charouleau Gap/Home


Come Ride From Our Location!

The 50 Year Trail

CDO Video Coming Soon!

The Chutes

Rolling Home…

Graceful reintroduction of mankind into his environment