Graceful reintroduction of mankind into his environment

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Watch Your Step!

Bucket of seed in hand, I approached our two empty seed feeders, right by the suet feeder that I had filled not five minutes earlier. I looked down and my thoughts were, “Ah! Poor little bird. I was just here. Did you just drop dead off of the feeder?”

Out loud, I heard myself say, “Oh! Wait! There’s a snake attached to you.”

CJ heard me, rushed over and excitedly announced, “That’s a new one”.

I let CJ have the pleasure of completing the night’s feed.




I am, and always have been, an outdoor girl. I found my heart’s “home” on this spot that we have developed WOW Arizona! The ongoing daily process of fostering and learning about the native flora and fauna, as well as hiking or biking through the beautiful Sonoran dessert has given me a deep understanding, knowledge, and continuing fascination of the area. Through the years, the people and geographical locations have changed, but how I like to spend “quality” time hasn’t changed at all.

Graceful reintroduction of mankind into his environment