Graceful reintroduction of mankind into his environment

All About WOW Arizona!

“Let’s Go Outside…”

The slogan of Wild Outdoor World of Arizona, an educational non-profit corporation. WOW ARIZONA! is committed to sharing environmental information that can be utilized in urban and rural applications. Whether it be hiking, biking, birding, lepping, gardening or habitat restoration we are dedicated to sharing information that will help people rediscover nature. Our public outreach programs are supported by donations. Donors enjoy our Eco-tours and events, donations for consultation on habitat restoration, AND NEW! Web development and hosting! (Page with site samples coming, soon!!!). Our large donors are invited to join us for multiple days of nature immersion, with gifts of exclusive on-site professional nature photography, and, sometimes, we share some of our homemade, organically sourced fruit wines!

Join us…restore life to areas once devoid of nature.

Wildlife doesn’t recognize the borders that people erect between themselves. A bird sees your neighborhood as ‘one big yard’, seeking food, water, a place to raise their offspring. Habitat restoration doesn’t have to be done on a giant scale to be effective. Our goal is to provide you with the basics to create your own ‘patch’ and have all of us sew those rags and patches together. A small area, a patch, added by all can create an environmental quilt. Whether you’re in an urban environment or a country dweller, let us help you create your own home for wildlife. FREE NATIVE PLANT LISTS to start your own butterfly and hummingbird gardens are available. Contact us! Additional native plant lists for the Tucson/southern Arizona area are being created, showcasing grasses, shrubs and trees. They, also, will be available for FREE as one of the educational aspects of the mission of WOW Arizona!

Create an area for wildlife!!!

We’ve been active in habitat restoration and creation for over nineteen years. Our crude, extensive plant lists have been formally arranged, checked and tabulated by Dr Allan Zimmerman, Ph.D. in Botany, a specialist of the Sonoran Desert and southwest. Our ‘Butterfly’ Gardens have been described by Mr Jim Brock, the author of ‘Kaufman Field Guide to Butterflies of North America’ as “…one of the finest butterfly gardens in southern Arizona.” These areas were created on space once covered with invasive grass species or parking lots, devoid of life. Now, they inspire awe year round.

Providing natural cover for ground-dwelling birds such as Gambels’s Quail and all of our wonderful Towhees is an easy way to add floral color, as well as adding native bird calls to the soundscape. As the diversity of our native plant species increased and matured, we noted a parallel increase in wildlife of all types. Over one hundred forty species of birds and eighty species of butterflies have been viewed from the pathways of The Oasis of WOW Arizona!, the setting for our latest restoration work.

Your Hosts…

About MaryEllen

I am, and always have been, an outdoor girl. I found my heart’s “home” on this spot that we have developed WOW Arizona! The ongoing daily process of fostering and learning about the native flora and fauna, as well as hiking or biking through the beautiful Sonoran dessert has given me a deep understanding, knowledge, and continuing fascination of the area. Through the years, the people and geographical locations have changed, but how I like to spend “quality” time hasn’t changed at all.

Graceful reintroduction of mankind into his environment