Graceful reintroduction of mankind into his environment

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Snake action from the gardens!

Last night, the ‘Evening Feed’ for the birds was much more interesting than usual. Four rattlesnakes in one small area…


…one being a new individual! No name, yet…IMG_9873_prettybrow1-1024x682

…but, I love the eyebrows…IMG_9862_prettybrow2-1024x682

This is ‘Sazusa’…IMG_9876_sazusa_web-1024x682

…in one of her favorite spots.IMG_9880_sazusa-682x1024

Cheech was just inches away.IMG_9878_cheech-1024x682

Cartman had just eaten an adolescent quail and was curled under the salvia, in one of his favorite spots. You could just catch a glimpse.IMG_9427_cartman_glimpse-1024x682

We’ve had a lot of other snake species, too. On Saturday, I got these shots of a Gopher Snake (Pituophis catenifer). It was cruising through the grass…IMG_9735_gophersnake_cropped-1024x682

and seemed to following a scent trail, on a line for a pack rat midden.gopher_web_panorama-copy_small-1024x206

All rattler shots FF.  Gopher Snake, ‘Cobra’ shot-cropped, full length-composite of twelve (prints full res at 40″ in length, close to life size!!!)

Graceful reintroduction of mankind into his environment