Graceful reintroduction of mankind into his environment

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Welcome to the  Wild Outdoor World of Arizona!
“Let’s Go Outside…”

If your desire is a respite from the ‘human-centric’ paradigm, we are here for you.
Tucked into the western flank of the Santa Catalina Mountain foothills, our secluded location offers a natural escape.
WOW Arizona! is headquartered 20 miles north of the city of Tucson, on a three acre nature preserve, open to the public by appointment.
Visitors are welcomed to come see the gardens, to learn about native plants and wildlife. Please feel free and open to participating in one of our frequent Eco-Events.
When you are here, The Wild Outdoor World of Arizona is at your doorstep.


Interactive panorama photo of ‘our backyard’ with embedded videos, photos and area information. Click to play and see our area!

You CAN zoom by moving mouse forward or, on a trackpad, use two fingers, spread them apart to enlarge, pull them together to shrink panorama. One finger in any direction to scan, look up or down.

Streaming LIVE Wildlife Cameras

   Our Garden/Feeder Camera                                                                Our Suet & Seed Feeder Camera


The Wild Outdoor World of Arizona!
WOW Arizona! is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.
Please help support wildlife!

What's happening

Blog on creatures, rides, birds & our latest adventures…

Streaming ‘Mountain View’ Camera!

Streaming ‘Mountain View’ Camera!

We have added streaming wildlife cameras for you to view, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week! Our ‘Mountain View’ Camera looks out at our Main Pollinator Garden, with Samaniego Ridge of the Santa Catalina Mountains as a backdrop. Within the view, you’ll see homemade-suet in a feeder on the left. Cardinals, Pyrrhuloxias, Ladder-backed Woodpeckers, Western Scrub-jays, Curve-billed thrashers, Abert’s Towhees as well as hummingbirds are frequently seen while viewing our camera. We keep the suet full in the morning and refill throughout the day. The evening feed happens about an hour and a half before sunset, and, often quail and many other birds are feeding on the ground.… more



So much happening… This female Round-tailed Ground Squirrel (Spermophilus tereticaudus) is blind in one eye. She has learned there is no threat, turning her blind side, while keeping her other side towards real danger. Always speaking softly to her, so she knows of my presence, she goes about her life, eating the fruit of a Gray Thorn (Zizyphus obtusifolia).  The Rock Squirrels (Spermophilus variegatus) were quite flirtatious, displaying and courting. Yesterday morning was crazy…mule deer pronking in front meadow when we were all surprised by each other…few minutes later, I stepped out of the door to leave the house and hear an insane buzz, know what it is-BEE SWARM…look and… more



Where to start…long absence from the blog DOES NOT imply long absence from activity. Wildlife continues to frequent our place, with birds nesting, fledging, migrating, lizards emerging…Wild Outdoor World of Arizona! New prints to compliment the new walls and windows have been professionally printed. Unfortunately, we are going to have to re-order quite a few of these, as B&B guests quickly ‘snapped’ them up for their walls! Speaking of new, we have upgraded our ‘portals to the great outdoors’ and created a new winter/inclement weather ‘Wildlife Viewing Area’. Already a preferred place for sipping tea in the early morning or watching the sunset over Samaniego Ridge.  Our ‘Breakfast Nook’ has… more

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Graceful reintroduction of mankind into his environment